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At Malloy and Company the board, which is led by Bill Malloy Jr. as CEO and Bill Malloy III as presidents, has set a mission to create positive change, preserve our family wealth & legacy and also increase shareholder equity.  The Malloy family has tried to take 6 generations of family business and bring that tradition into principles or core values that drive Malloy and Company as well as The Ridges at Paris Mountain:

    • Ethics: Maintain ethical code of conduct and always maintain a high standard of integrity.
    • Heritage:  Preserve corporate and family heritage
    • Positive Impact:  Strive to make a positive impact for shareholders, the company, the community, and business relationships.
    • Innovation: Always innovate.  Continue to follow our entrepreneurial roots that trace back to the early 1800’s
    • Transparency:  Communicate and disclose with integrity and clarity

Bill Malloy Jr. and Bill Malloy III have also taken innovation forward with their investment in the venture capital fund, Sway Ventures.  The last article on innovation around the sale of dollar shave club to Unilever from Sway Ventures and Bill Malloy III can be found on Medium.    “From my view The Ridges and Sway Ventures are very different projects, one based in San Francisco and one based in Greenville but they both tie back to our Malloy and Company core values.” – Bill Malloy III

Greenville was Named the 2003 winner of the “Great American Main Street Award” and downtown Greenville is home to over 130 retail shops and 75 restaurants in a one square mile area.   Some of our favorite restaurants are the Lazy Goat which is a Mediterranean-themed restaurant in Greenville’s West End that offers a menu featuring global influences.  Restaurant 17 has a relaxed atmosphere that is reminiscent of traditional European bistros. The cuisine reflects the surrounding countryside—but with a level of creativity only extraordinary chefs can claim!  Last but definitely not least is Soby’s for true southern food (arguably the best crab cake you will ever have) and a wonderful Sunday brunch.  

It is one of the only downtowns in the United States with natural waterfalls. Greenville has more foreign manufacturing investment per capita than anywhere in the entire United States.  Its is astonishing but there are 245 international companies from 20 countries call Greenville home and 170 corporate headquarters are located in Greenville.  There are over 51 golf courses to choose from.  If you don’t like golf there are more than 300 waterfalls within a 2-hour drive and Bike Magazine rated Greenville as a “Top 5 Best Place To Live And Ride.” There are 12 State Parks within an hour of the city and the Ridges touches The Paris Mountain State Park on the North side of the development.  The family has tried to capture inspiration across different images on Pinterest.   

Clemson University is about 30 minutes from the Ridges development.  Clemson was an amazing experience for me as an Engineering undergraduate student as well as an overall balanced life in and around the campus.  Clemson is 23rd Ranking of top public national universities that U.S.News & World Report gave Clemson for 2017 and Clemson ranks 7th nationally for having the “happiest students,” according to the 2016 Princeton Review.  It is important to have such an amazing university in Clemson so close to a place we call home at The Ridges at Paris Mountain.” – Bill Malloy III

Furman University is about 5 minutes from the Ridges at Paris Mountain.  Furman University is one of the nation’s premier undergraduate liberal arts colleges.  At the heart of our university is an outstanding academic program, with top-notch faculty whose chief priority is teaching undergraduate students. We also offer distinguished visual and performing arts programs, NCAA Division I athletics, and a campus community that values collaboration and fosters empathy for a diversity of ideas and perspectives.

The Malloy family has tried to take 6 generations of family business and bring that tradition into principles or core values that drive Malloy and Company as well as The Ridges at Paris Mountain.